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AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2009

Event Date: 01/08/2009 - 01/11/2009

Location: Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, NV

Sponsored by AVN Magazine, the undisputed, premier trade publication for the adult entertainment industry and a segment of the AVN Media Network, AEE is the only adult-oriented trade show to capture the excitement and dynamics of the adult industry, encompassing all links in the business chain - from manufacturers, distributors, retailers - to the hottest adult stars and enthusiastic fans!


Whatever your reasons - getting deals, keeping up on industry trends or just to meet the fresh fa AEE of the industry - you need to be at the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo!

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In today’s world, content is what it’s all about.  Content still rules for all things – whether it’s movies, DVDs, digital content, mobile or the internet so be sure to join us as we celebrate the best of Adult content and video! 

It’s sexy….it’s powerful…and it’s business all day long at the  largest event of it’s kind in the world!  All the suppliers, all the retailers and industry members converge every January at the one show all year where REAL business is conducted…where REAL players meet, and where REAL talent emerges!

The 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) is the largest event for the adult industry worldwide.  If you are involved in anything ‘adult’ and want to sell or buy….this is the event for you!  Close to 30,000 attendees and over 350 exhibiting companies make this show a must attend! Offering four full days to wheel and deal, you'll find the most comprehensive collection of exhibitors covering virtually every market segment in the adult entertainment industry.  This is your chance to see the latest industry developments, conduct your business and network among the best of the best.

Sponsored by AVN Magazine, the undisputed, premier trade publication for the adult entertainment industry and a segment of the AVN Media Network, AEE is the only adult-oriented trade show to capture the excitement and dynamics of the adult industry, encompassing all links in the business chain - from manufacturers, distributors, retailers - to the hottest adult stars and enthusiastic fans!


Do you need audio visual rentals for AEE? Call 503-477-8972   email Information .

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo Audio Visual, Plasma and Computer Rentals
Look to us as your preferred provider of  AEE plasma rentals and computer. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (this year’s event runs from January 8 - 11, 2009) is one of the most important and high profile events of the year. Our Local branch has an extensive inventory of plasma displays for rent as well as LCD monitor rentals, high lumen LCD and DLP projector rentals and interactive computer kiosks . Make your booth at  AEE a suc AEEs with a Audio Visual, plasma and computer rentals from Expos 4 Products.

Delivery to the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo, and All Venues
As one of the largest conventions held annually in Las Vegas,  AEE requires advanced planning and coordination to get your equipment to the convention floor.  AEE show organizers will implement specific load in and load out procedures. When you’re putting together a booth at  AEE, count on us to help you navigate all the logistical issues of getting your plasma rental, LCD monitor rental, projector rental or computer kiosk rental to your exhibit location. We work within the Union rules and marshalling requirements and can help make sure that everything’s in place before the show opens. And if you’re conducting an offsite event such as a party or reception, count on us to provide plasma rentals, LCD monitor rentals or projector rentals for all your  AEE related activities. 

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Stay on the cutting edge and maximize your profits with this comprehensive seminar
program covering the topics most important to your business!

Stay on the cutting edge and maximize your profits with this comprehensive seminar program  covering the topics most important to your business!

Thursday, January 8

11:30am - 1:00pm         Retailing Today - Staying Competitive in a Changing Environment
                                    Brick-and-mortar retailers need to be savvier and more sophisticated than ever. This     session explores 
                                    ways to stay competitive in an environment that is rapidly changing. AVN Magazine Editor-in-Chief 
                                    Dan Miller talks with Theresa Flynt of Hustler Stores, Gregg Ross with the Thriller Boutiques, 
                                    attorney Clyde DeWitt, Alicia Relles of Babeland and Kim Sedergran of IVD.
Panelists will discuss 
                                    the importance of a web presence for all retailers, how to evaluate and expand your store’s product 
                                    mix and how to keep your customers and attract new ones.

1:30pm - 3:00pm          "Can I Help You?" - Sex Education in the Retail Setting
                                    Accurate, non-judgmental sex education is one of the best ways to build your clientele, increase customer 
                                    satisfaction and, yes, sell products. Dr. Charlie Glickman, Good Vibrations’ Education Program Manager, 
                                    will explain how sex education and retail sales can support each other and offer tips on how to help your 
                                    staff improve their skills in the essential component of customer service.

3:30pm - 5:00pm           Play Dates Aren't Just for Kids: Adult Toys, Novelties and Home Parties
                                    Adult toys and novelties are key industry items that can never go digital. In addition, consumers – 
                                    and especially women – are buying more of them every year. Expand your product line, add toys 
                                    and novelties to your business and learn how to reach beyond your store or website through home 
                                    parties in this compelling session with AVN Novelty Business Editor-in-Chief Tony Lovett, 
                                    Patricia Davis of Passion Parties International, Suki Dunham of OhMiBod, Joel Tucker of The Stockroom 
                                    and others.
Friday, January 9

11:00am - 1:00pm         Girls, Girls, Girls: The Growing Power of Women in Adult Entertainment
                                    The glass ceiling has been shattered not only in Washington, but in adult companies and as a power 
                                    group of consumers. This year’s women’s-focused seminar has been expanded to two hours to allow 
                                    a more in-depth look at women. Kelly Holland, film producer and CEO of Chick Media, will provide a 
                                    keynote address followed by a panel discussion moderated by industry leader Joy King of Wicked Pictures. 
                                    Joy will talk with Kim Airs of Grand Opening, Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition, entrepreneur Nenna 
                                    Joiner, Evil Angel’s Karen Stagliano, Rachel Venning of Babeland and Kristin Wynters of Pink Visual/
                                    Yappo. These women have a lot to say about film and product trends, retailing and marketing to an 
                                    exploding number of female customers.

1:30pm - 3:00pm           Arthur Schwartz Legal Seminar: "Young Guns" Discuss Recent Developments in Adult Law
                                    Jennifer Kinsley (Sirkin, Pinales & Schwartz), Marc John Randazza (Weston, Garrou, Walters & Moooney) 
                                    and Cary S. Wiggins (Cook, Youngelson & Wiggins) are the next generation of legal superstars in the adult 
                                    industry. Don’t miss this session where they discuss recent 
developments and important new trends in 
                                    obscenity, zoning and labor law and recordkeeping requirements that could impact your business. 
                                    And bring your legal questions to pose to this panel of experts.
3:30pm - 5:00pm           Let Me Tell You About the Time…Outrageous Stories From the Inside
                                    Over the years, some outrageous, funny, entertaining, and downright scary things have happened 
                                    on adult movie sets, conventions, and on the road with some of the biggest names in adult movies. 
                                    Leading public relations guru Brian Gross will talk with some of the industry’s top performers, 
                                    directors and others who have spent years in the business, in this light-hearted storytelling session.

Saturday, January 10 (Sponsored by AVN Online)     
10:30am - 12:00pm       Staking Your Claim on the Web Part 1: Marketing to Build Traffic and Gain Customers
                                    As the web continues to grow both in terms of offering content and where consumers go to shop for it, 
                                    online business is more competitive than ever. Marketing to get and retain consumers is diverse and 
                                    complicated. This session examines the most effective ways to market to consumers to bring them to 
                                    your site and explores affiliate programs that allow for sharing the wealth and expanding your audience. 
                                    Farley Cahen with Digital Playground, Albert Lazarito, Jax Smith of SugarDVD, Jackie Strano with 
                                    Babeland, and Lisa Weinberger of PearlyWrites talk with YNOT’s Jay Kopita in this not-to-be-missed 

12:30 - 2:00pm             Staking Your Claim on the Web Part 2: Digital Building Blocks for a Successful Online Business
                                   This session provides information on how to develop successful retail business models for adult product. 
                                   Connor Young from YNOT talks with Reena Patel of Playboy/Club Jenna, Anh Tran of WantedList.com, 
                                   Rachel Venning of Babeland and Kristin Wynters with Pink Visual/Yappo. They guide you to make sure 
                                   your website provides what your customers are looking for. 
Learn the technical requirements for streaming, 
                                   V.O.D. and product sales – all while ensuring it’s user-friendly.

2:15 - 3:30pm               January 2019 - A Look to the Future

                                    What will the industry look like 10 years from now? There will always be strong demand for adult content. 
                                    But how will consumers get it? How will things change? Industry visionaries Greg Clayman of Video 
                                    Secrets, Scott Coffman of AEBN, Hotmovies.com’s Richard Cohen, Michael Klein of Hustler and 
                                    Mike Price with Silver Sinema share their views with AVN Online’s Publisher Monty McMahon.

3:45 - 5:00pm               Staking Your Claim on the Web Part 3: It's Mine and You Can't Have It! - Protecting Your Content

                                   Just as brick-and-mortar retailers take steps to stop theft, the web retailer and product supplier must 
                                   guard their product like pit bulls. There are a variety of steps you can take to copyright your work, 
                                   monitor tube sites and protect your property against piracy. Attorney Larry Walters leads this valuable 
                                   discussion with Mike Herman of The Stockroom, John Petrocelli of Widevine Technologies and Claus Tews 
                                   with Media Protector.  Don’t let your business be a victim of digital theft.

Seminar schedule subject to change. Please check back often for updates.


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We are a full service audio, visual, video, lighting, staging, and computer rental company.  Serving clients nationally, we offer one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry for small businesses events, conventions, tradeshows, expositions, event planners, training seminars, and live entertainment shows. With the latest in technology from leading manufacturers, we ensure your event will be a total suc AEEs.  Rent Tradeshow AV Equipment

As a national provider of visual, video, audio, and lighting support with offi AEE in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, and Phoenix. Our Los Angeles office is uniquely positioned to handle all the AV requirements for your event, including general sessions, breakout rooms, and exhibitor support. We have provided support for a countless number of presentations and events at  Convention Centers over the years. With our in-depth knowledge of each facility and great working relationship with all the on site departments, we would be a seamless addition to your planning team!

We offer you the following benefits as part of your event package:

Highly competitive pricing on all AV equipment for breakout meeting rooms and general sessions

Discounts on all AV equipment to your exhibitors if they order 21 days before the start of the show

Custom exhibitor order form with your logo and show dates for your exhibitor kit or to be placed on your website

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No technician or management hotel expenses, daily per diem charges, or high transportation costs, as we are a locally based company

Account Executive to work with you every step of the way at no cost to you

We are a full service audio, visual,  lighting, staging, and computer rental company.  Serving clients nationally, we offer one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry for  businesses events, conventions, tradeshows, expositions, event planners, training seminars, and live entertainment shows. With the latest in technology from leading manufacturers, we ensure your event will be a total suc AEEs.      
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The Los Angeles and Southern California meetings industry is expected to grow for a third consecutive year, signaling economic and corporate prosperity as well as a financial boost for hotels, airlines and convention centers, according to FutureWatch 2006, an annual research report from Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and American Express that was released last week.

According to FutureWatch 2006, several key indicators including the total number of meetings planned and expenditures per meeting/event are expected to increase in 2006. Client-side planners--defined as corporate, association, government and nonprofit planners--and intermediaries--defined as independent meeting planners, third-party planners, multi-management companies, DMCs and association management companies--expect the number of meetings planned by their organizations to grow by 7 percent and 21 percent over 2005, respectively. Suppliers--defined as convention/conference centers, convention and visitors bureaus, hotels, resorts, meeting facilities, production companies and on-site meeting support--project a 10 percent increase in the number of meetings they will support. Planners, intermediaries and suppliers predict a 7 percent, 14 percent and 9 percent jump, respectively, in expenditures per meeting in 2006 compared with 2005.

Additionally, client-side planners expect to receive a larger share of their organizations' budgets in 2006 than in 2005, with 42 percent predicting their budgets will grow as a percentage of their organizations' total budgets. Only 8 percent expect to have a smaller proportion.

"All FutureWatch 2006 respondents expect to have more frequent, longer and larger meetings this year, suggesting that organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of meetings as strategic business tools that can achieve business goals," said Colin Rorrie Jr., PhD, CAE, president and CEO of MPI. "However, from what we've seen, cautious optimism seems to be the theme in 2006. While key indicators point to growth and increased meetings spend, concerns about the economy and rising oil and travel costs loom."

Venue Demand Outpa AEE Supply/Increasing Lead Times
Expected changes in lead times, hotel rates, and attrition and price con AEEsions suggest that demand for meeting space and accommodations may outpace supply in 2006. Meeting space lead time is projected to increase by 38 percent in 2006, from 29 weeks to 40 weeks on average. Meanwhile, lead time for hotel/support servi AEE is forecasted to jump 37 percent from 23 weeks to 31 weeks. Additionally, 76 percent of client-side planners and 81 percent of suppliers expect hotel rates to increase in 2006. Finally, 31 percent of client-side planners, 28 percent of intermediaries and 24 percent of suppliers predict that con AEEsions and flexibility will decrease in 2006.

"In the past few years, meeting professionals for the most part have experienced dramatically shorter lead times," Rorrie said. "In some cases, a meeting that took six months to plan now must be executed in three weeks. The fact that FutureWatch 2006 respondents are expecting longer lead times and higher hotel rates in 2006 suggests that the unusually active hurricane season of 2005 combined with the increase in the number of meetings being planned may be taking its toll on available inventory, especially in key tourist and convention destinations. Organizations may not have a choice but to plan meetings further in advance."

International Travel Slows
While meetings are on the rise, international meetings travel is slowing, as U.S. and European planners project little change in the use of international meeting destinations, and Canadian planners expect a significant decline. Canadian planners anticipate only 14 percent of all 2006 meetings will be held internationally, compared with 23 percent in 2005. While the United States remains the top international destination for Canadian planners, only 7 percent expect to hold their meetings there, down from 16 percent in 2005. European planners expect international meetings to increase slightly from 26 percent in 2005 to 29 percent in 2006, with the U.S. and Asia listed as top destinations at 12 percent and 8 percent respectively. U.S. planners predicted little change in international meeting locations, with Canada and Europe tied as lead locales at 5 percent each.

Planners Lead Procurement Pro AEEs
Despite continued implementation of standardized meetings management pro AEEses and concerns about commoditization, meeting planners are still by far the most active participants in the buying pro AEEs for meetings. Eighty percent of respondents said meeting planners were always or often involved in the identification and contacting of vendors, 84 percent said they were "always" or "often" involved in the evaluation and recommendation of vendors, and 78 percent said they were "always" or "often" involved in the final purchasing decision. Meanwhile, only 13 percent of respondents cited that procurement was involved in any of the three phases.

"With the move towards standardized management systems, there was a perceived risk that meeting planning would become solely a cost-based purchasing decision driven solely by procurement," said Julie Hylton, director of industry development for American Express Establishment Servi AEE. "In fact, today's data suggests that meeting planners lead the charge in identifying, evaluating and making the final decision regarding vendors. And, because the majority of respondents also indicated that procurement departments are involved at least occasionally in the pro AEEs, it's important that planners establish a dialogue and a productive relationship with their procurement colleagues."

Meetings as a Strategic Function
Meetings are increasingly becoming a tool for furthering organizational objectives, with 71 percent of client-side planners indicating that meetings are recognized to a great or very great extent as a strategic function important to the growth and suc AEEs of their organization. Forty-nine percent of planners said the perceived value of meetings has increased over the past year, while 62 percent predict it will grow even further in the next two to three years.

Additionally, 66 percent of meeting managers and 80 percent of directors are either being consulted when their organization is considering a meeting or are involved in driving strategy and establishing how meetings will be used to support organizational goals.

"Meeting professionals are increasingly operating beyond the logistical or tactical level and have the opportunity to strategically impact the organizations for which they work," Rorrie said. "As this strategic role emerges, it's critical that meeting professionals speak in the language of business, increase their influence and articulate the bottom-line value of meetings to all stakeholders and executive decision-makers."

Additional Key Findings
While many organizations fully outsource their meetings function to intermediaries, survey indicators show a greater percentage of intermediaries are actually working in concert with an existing meetings function. According to intermediary respondents, 42 percent of the time their main contact is within the meeting planning department, as opposed to the internal department that "owns" the meeting.

The top five internal organizational trends affecting the meetings industry are workload, organizational budget changes, shifting organizational goals, organizational growth and shorter lead times.

The top five external or environmental trends affecting the meetings industry include the state of the economy, travel costs, the rising cost of oil, changes in technology and increasing globalization.

When asked about return on investment (ROI) for meetings, respondents indicated that discussions within their organizations focused more on cost savings and efficiencies than achieving the strategic goals of a meeting. Just over one-third of respondents focus on the achievement of strategic goals when discussing ROI.

Return on Objectives (ROO) has been discussed within 61 percent of planners, 71 percent of intermediaries and 55 percent of supplier respondents. ROI and ROO discussions signal that organizations are seeking a measurement model that provides a complete picture of how meetings drive business and reflect total benefit and total expense.

For the full report, visit www.mpiweb.org.

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Now, we’ve gone one step further. As an added service to our readers and to reach a broader audience, you now have a new option when subscribing to Event Solutions magazine. You can subscribe to our great monthly print publication, or, you can now receive a free digital edition of Event Solutions. Supplementing the printed magazine, the digital edition represents the company's commitment to making the information on latest cutting-edge ideas and products that we showcase as easy to ac AEEs as possible.

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