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NEC Plasma TV Specifications

NEC 50XM3 Plasma TV Display

The PlasmaSync™ 50XM3 is designed for flexibility and ease of use. This new stunning true XGA monitor offers full compatibility with a wide range of video signals (PAL, SECAM and NTSC), PC signals and HDTV formats (480p, 480i, 720p and 1080i), the 50XM3 ensures that images are optimally displayed. The PlasmaSync 50XM3 scan converter automatically converts full XGA and UXGA signals. PowerPoint presentations to DVD movies, all the possibilities are just a quick connection away.

Plasma Display Specifications
Screen Size 50" diagonal
Screen Aspect 16:9
Contrast Ratio 7000-1
Pixel Pitch 0.81mm x 0.81mm
hSync 15.5 - 110 kHz
vSync 50 - 120 Hz
Color System NTSC, PAL, SECAM
Data Signals VGA 640x480 @ 60,72,75,85,100, 120 Hz
SVGA 800x600 @ 56, 60, 72,75,85,100,120 Hz
XGA 1024x768 @ 60,70,75, 85, 100 Hz
SXGA 1280x1024 @ 60, 75, 85, 100 Hz
UXGA 1600x1200 @ 60, 65, 70, 75, 85 Hz
WideVGA 848x480, 852 x 480 @ 60 Hz
WideXGA 1360 x 765 @60 Hz, 1280 x 768 @ 60Hz
TV Scan Lines 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i


Input Terminals

Composite Video 2 (BNC)
S-Video 1 (4-pin mini DIN)
Component Video 1 (RCA x 3)
RGB Component Video 1 (BNC x 5)
VGA RGB Signal 1 (15-pin mini d-Sub)
DVI Digital Input 1
Stereo Audio In 3 (RCA L/R)
Serial Control (RS232C) 1 (9-pin mini d-Sub)


Output Terminals

Composite Video 1 (BNC)


Plasma Monitor Accessories

Audio Amplifier 8W x 2
Speakers Optional
Mounting Options Optional Mount Required
Also Included:
AC Power Cord, Remote Control, Batteries, Cable Clamps


Dimensions and General Specs.

Power Supply 100-120V @ 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 480 Watts
Dimensions 48.1" x 29" x 3.8"
Weight 96.40 lbs.
FCC Class FCC Class A, Commercial Use


Key Features of the NEC 50XM3 50" Plasma Monitor

  • 50" HDTV-capable Plasma Display Panel, 1366 x 768 XGA Resolution
  • 18-Watt Stereo Audio Amplifier (speakers optional)
  • Improved Scan Converter and Mass Area Sampling circuitry deliver precise sharpness and accurate color reproduction from data and video signals
  • Gamma 12 technology and Color Controls allow fine-tuned color settings with 4,000 shades of gray
  • Input Flexibility from video to HD to RGB signals. Signal loop-out capability allows matrix displays spanning 4 plasma monitors
  • AccuShield Screen Protection prevents image retention
  • Advanced Operation System including Advanced Timer allows the monitor to virtually operate itself


NEC 50XM3 Plasma TV

The NEC PlasmaSync XGA models deliver superb image quality from any source. NEC’s Advanced AccuBlend scan conversion provides precise interpolation of computer-based information from VGA to UXGA in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. This enables the monitor to display clear, readable images even in non-native resolutions. In addition, motion-compensated 3D scan conversion provides smooth, lifelike display of video sources and a 3-2 pull down converter enhances the appearance of content originally produced in 24 frame/second film.

Color Tune Technology takes colour accuracy even further, allowing you to adjust individual colors without affecting the white balance. Fine tune the blues in skies or the greens in the trees and keep the same brilliant contrast. The unique Plasma Display Cell Structure deep within the PlasmaSync 50XM3 creates color by applying voltage to electrodes above and below the cells which are coated in red, green or blue phosphors. The emission of light that is discharged from these cells increases the luminance but decreases the power consumption. The results are vivid colors and unimaginable clarity.

NEC Plasma Technology

Mass Area Sampling (MASS) delivers high quality images and allows smooth reproduction for clear, precise color. MASS also eliminates jagged lines and corrects color bleeds to create clear and defined images. Finally, proper scaling is selected for the input signal resolution resulting in the most accurate image reproduction possible.

Gamma 12 affords control even the darkest of images. With over 4,000 shades of gray you can manage the picture’s brightness and enhance the image’s overall quality.

Color Temperature controls the tone of the whites in the image. Four preset modes are available which select a specific color temperature. If finer adjustments are needed simply switch into the professional mode for more advanced tuning.

Improved Scan Converter changes input signals in accordance with the resolution of the display. This makes a dramatic difference resulting in even the smallest of characters being perfectly legible.

Convenience Features

AccuShield Screen Protection protects the plasma display screen from image retention with the most comprehensive set of built-in modes including programmable Orbiter, Inverse RGB, All-White, Pixel Refresh, Brightness Limiter and Soft Focus.

Advanced Operation System includes many professional grade functions such as the Advanced Timer that can carry out various operations at designated times. Operations include powering on/off, input selection and activating long life modes. These features enable the monitor to virtually operate itself.

Image Matrixing is possible in two configurations resulting in a 2x2 or 3x3 video wall. Internal processing allows the video to be split into quadrants eliminating the need for external matrix equipment.

Digital Zoom allows you to select any portion of the screen and magnify it to emphasize a point or highlight information. Zoom in up to 300% with push button ease from the remote control to make your point!

Sleek Design With a new cabinet design we have minimized the bezel size to make sure that the focus is on the image and not the frame around the image. The new cabinet design also allows for a small form PC to be attached solving the problem of source equipment location.

Quiet Operations Engineered with silence as a priority, these units produce a noise level of only 22dB, these XGA models perform quietly in any environment.

External Control and Diagnostics A complete set of RS232 commands allow monitor functions to be operated remotely via serial communications. In addition, operating problems can be identified and communicated via RS232 or front bezel LED lights through its self diagnostics system.

Display Flexibility Depending on your needs, you can display in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Terminals and Connections

Input Flexibility allows connexions to multiple sources from video to HD to RGB. Signal loop-out capability allows a source to easily be looped from one monitor to the next allowing you to connect 4 displays without requiring additional equipment

8" Reciever/Monitor
13" Monitor/Receiver
13" Reciver/Monitor (Pal/Secam)
19" Super Monitor/Receiver
20" Reciever/Monitor (Pal/Secam)
27" Monitor/Reciever
27" Sony Wega Monitor
27" Reciver/Monitor (Pal/Secam)
29" RGB Monitor (Pal/Secam)
25" Monitor Sony PVM2530 (RGB)
32" Monitor Sony PVM3230 (RGB)
31" Monitor/Receiver
35" Monitor/Receiver
45" Projection Receiver
51" Projection Receiver
60" Projection Receiver
67" Retro Projection Monitor
20" TV/VCR Combo Unit PANASONIC  
13" TV/VCR Combo
19" TV/VCR Combo
27" TV/VCR Combo
Broadcast LCD Monitors

use this with a vhs turner and the disply is a tv

 42 Inch NEC With 1024 x 768 XGA resolution, Advanced AccuBlend Technology and a 3-2 pull down converter ensure the best possible brightness, contrast, color and image quality from any source. Realistic color reproduction via NEC's exclusive Capsulated Color Filter Technology is now enhanced by AccuCrimson, a filtration technology that produces the purest shade of red yet possible in a plasma display. VGA to UXGA in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios Dimensions 40.1"x 24"x3.5"

 NEW 20 inch, 23 inch, 26 inch, and 30 inch LCD HDTV display rentals.
What is Flat Screen Plasma Technology?   
With flat panel plasma screens, in addition to bright, crisp images, there are other advantages. Unlike projection screens, which are designed to concentrate reflection to a narrow viewing area for brightness, plasma screens permit an exceptionally broad viewing angle -- over 160 degrees...MORE about the technology.  More about Plasma Display Manufactures and links to their home pages here
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 23" HDTV Monitor Built-In NTSC Tuner
Accepts cable/antenna, HDTV, satellite dish and NTSC video sources
1280 x 768 WXGA Resolution
High resolution format produces extremely detailed imagery
400:1 High Contrast Ratio, 450 cd/m2 High Brightness,
176º Viewing Angle
Hi-Res Component, S-Video, RF, A/V Inputs  Multiple inputs for DVD players, VCRs, computers and video game systems
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