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Film Festival
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Watching Films


IN ORDER TO PURCHASE A FESTIVAL PASS OR TICKET PACKAGE, YOU MUST FIRST REGISTER ONLINE ANYTIME BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 23RD AND OCTOBER 10TH, 2008. After the close of registration, you will receive an email on October 17th, 2008 indicating whether or not you were randomly selected to receive a half hour timeslot. If you receive a timeslot,  you will be sent the website link and the phone number you can use to purchase your Festival Pass or Ticket Package. Quantities are very limited and registration does not guarantee a timeslot or availability. Purchase dates and times are randomly assigned by a computer.

Click here for more information.


IN ORDER TO PURCHASE ADVANCE INDIVIDUAL TICKETS, YOU MUST FIRST REGISTER ONLINE ANYTIME BETWEEN NOVEMBER 25th AND DECEMBER 17th, 2008. After the close of registration, you will receive an email on December 23rd, 2008 indicating whether or not you were randomly selected to receive a half hour timeslot. We'll include the website link and the phone number you can use to purchase your Advance Individual Tickets if you receive a timeslot. Quantities are very limited and registration does not guarantee a timeslot or availability. Purchase dates and times are randomly assigned by a computer. 


All Festival Passes and Ticket Packages can only be picked up at the Pass and Package Office, located next to the Main Box Office in Park City. Please pickup your Passes and Ticket Packages at least 2 hours before your first screening time. You must present a photo ID to be issued your Pass or Package. Festival Passes and Ticket Packages are only available for pickup at the Pass and Package Office during its normal business hours.  


Patrons who purchased Individual Tickets online and did not order express delivery must pickup their tickets during normal business hours at any Main Box Office. You must present photo ID to be issued your tickets. Please pickup your tickets at least 2 HOURS before your first screening time. Tickets for screenings prior to 10:00 a.m. should be picked up the day before as heavy traffic is expected in the Main Box Office during the early morning hours. Tickets for screenings after 7:00 p.m. must be picked up during regular Main Box Office hours. There is no Ticket Pickup at the theatres. Be sure to select tickets according to your arrival time and the Main Box Office hours of operation. 


This is THE question. And you may feel like you've tried EVERYTHING. But just remember that the best-kept secret of navigating the Festival is that where there's a will, there's a way. Here are a few of your options:

Day-of-Show Sales
Didn't get the tickets you wanted to a sold-out screening? Come in to our Main Box Offices in Salt Lake City or Park City to get tickets to previously unavailable screenings. Each morning at 8:00 a.m., the Main Box Offices in Park City and Salt Lake City release a limited number of tickets to that day's screenings. Tickets for each theatre's first screening of the day are released at 8:00 a.m. the day before. Day-of-show tickets must be purchased in-person; they are not available by phone or online.

The Waitlist
Ready to get to know your fellow filmgoers? No Sundance experience would be complete without seeing at least one film via the Waitlist. Each year, thousands of filmgoers see popular Festival films without Advance Tickets. There's no need to go to the Main Box Office- just go directly to the theatre of the screening you wish to attend. Arrive two hours before the scheduled screening time to pickup your Waitlist number (one per person). For each theatre's first screening of the day, Waitlist numbers will be distributed one hour before the scheduled screening time. Once you have your number, you can go grab a coffee or a sandwich, but you must return no later than 30 minutes before the screening time. You'll then line up according to number, and tickets will be sold in sequential order and based on availability. The tickets are $15.  Only cash is accepted, so be sure to stop by the ATM before coming to the theatres.

Off Screen Options
Don't despair if you just can't find that ticket. There are film panels, concerts, demonstrations, and more in addition to our regular program of films. Events run all day, every day at Festival venues like the Filmmaker Lodge, the Music Café, the New Frontier on Main, and Sundance House. And there's always something happening at Festival Headquarters at the Park City Marriott. 


Check theatres, Main Box Offices, Information Booths, and the Sundance Film Festival Daily Insider for the latest info on any changes to the schedule, including "TBAs" - a placeholder in the film schedule that allows Festival programmers to add screenings of popular films. You can also check this website or call our Ticketing Hotline at 435-776-7878 for up-to-date



2011  Passes are available NOW. Screening tickets will be available December 16, 2008.
All 2011  individual screening tickets will be available for advanced online purchase through our Film listings, enabling you to keep track of your personalized festival schedule.
All Access Passes
Whether you plan on spending your days in Park City watching as many films as possible or spending your nights mingling with filmmakers at parties (or both), a Slamdance All Access pass is a great deal and enables attendees to take in screenings, fireside chats, happy hours and events. Pass holders will also receive front of line privileges. Please download your pass order form HERE.
Industry Passes
Slamdance also offers Industry passes which offer all of the benefits of the All Access pass, pending the approval of the accreditation information on the form. Approved Industry Pass Holders can take in screenings, fireside chats, happy hours and events using their pass. They will also receive detailed Print Source material for each film and an invitation to Industry Day to meet with filmmakers on Wednesday, January 21, 2011 . There is a limited number of passes available, so take advantage of early sales. Please download your pass order form HERE.
Individual Tickets
Individual screening and event tickets are available for online purchase from December 16, 2008 - January 13, 2011 . All feature screenings are $11.00, $9.00 for Utah Residents (discount not available online). Shorts blocks are $6.00. Housewarming Party tickets (January 15, 2011 ) are $25.00. Online pre-order tickets only account for a portion of the available tickets. The remainder will be on sale starting January 15th, 2011  at 9:00am in the Slamdance Festival Box Office at Treasure Mountain Inn.
Every online ticket purchase helps support the environment that supports our traveling festival. close to home. A percentage of online ticket profits will go to the Recycle Utah, serving the community that has supported the Slamdance Film Festival for the last 15 years! Additionally, by purchasing online, you'll be getting the VIP treatment in Park City this January - simply pick up your pass or individual tickets at Will Call in Slamdance Headquarters, Treasure Mountain Inn beginning January 15, 2011 !
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We are a full service audio, visual,  lighting, staging, and computer rental company.  Serving clients nationally, we offer one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry for  businesses events, conventions, tradeshows, expositions, event planners, training seminars, and live entertainment shows. With the latest in technology from leading manufacturers, we ensure your event will be a total success.      
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The Salt Lake City and Southern California meetings industry is expected to grow for a third consecutive year, signaling economic and corporate prosperity as well as a financial boost for hotels, airlines and convention centers, according to FutureWatch 2006, an annual research report from Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and American Express that was released last week.

According to FutureWatch 2006, several key indicators including the total number of meetings planned and expenditures per meeting/event are expected to increase in 2006. Client-side planners--defined as corporate, association, government and nonprofit planners--and intermediaries--defined as independent meeting planners, third-party planners, multi-management companies, DMCs and association management companies--expect the number of meetings planned by their organizations to grow by 7 percent and 21 percent over 2005, respectively. Suppliers--defined as convention/conference centers, convention and visitors bureaus, hotels, resorts, meeting facilities, production companies and on-site meeting support--project a 10 percent increase in the number of meetings they will support. Planners, intermediaries and suppliers predict a 7 percent, 14 percent and 9 percent jump, respectively, in expenditures per meeting in 2006 compared with 2005.

Additionally, client-side planners expect to receive a larger share of their organizations' budgets in 2006 than in 2005, with 42 percent predicting their budgets will grow as a percentage of their organizations' total budgets. Only 8 percent expect to have a smaller proportion.

"All FutureWatch 2006 respondents expect to have more frequent, longer and larger meetings this year, suggesting that organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of meetings as strategic business tools that can achieve business goals," said Colin Rorrie Jr., PhD, CAE, president and CEO of MPI. "However, from what we've seen, cautious optimism seems to be the theme in 2006. While key indicators point to growth and increased meetings spend, concerns about the economy and rising oil and travel costs loom."

Venue Demand Outpaces Supply/Increasing Lead Times
Expected changes in lead times, hotel rates, and attrition and price concessions suggest that demand for meeting space and accommodations may outpace supply in 2006. Meeting space lead time is projected to increase by 38 percent in 2006, from 29 weeks to 40 weeks on average. Meanwhile, lead time for hotel/support services is forecasted to jump 37 percent from 23 weeks to 31 weeks. Additionally, 76 percent of client-side planners and 81 percent of suppliers expect hotel rates to increase in 2006. Finally, 31 percent of client-side planners, 28 percent of intermediaries and 24 percent of suppliers predict that concessions and flexibility will decrease in 2006.

"In the past few years, meeting professionals for the most part have experienced dramatically shorter lead times," Rorrie said. "In some cases, a meeting that took six months to plan now must be executed in three weeks. The fact that FutureWatch 2006 respondents are expecting longer lead times and higher hotel rates in 2006 suggests that the unusually active hurricane season of 2005 combined with the increase in the number of meetings being planned may be taking its toll on available inventory, especially in key tourist and convention destinations. Organizations may not have a choice but to plan meetings further in advance."

International Travel Slows
While meetings are on the rise, international meetings travel is slowing, as U.S. and European planners project little change in the use of international meeting destinations, and Canadian planners expect a significant decline. Canadian planners anticipate only 14 percent of all 2006 meetings will be held internationally, compared with 23 percent in 2005. While the United States remains the top international destination for Canadian planners, only 7 percent expect to hold their meetings there, down from 16 percent in 2005. European planners expect international meetings to increase slightly from 26 percent in 2005 to 29 percent in 2006, with the U.S. and Asia listed as top destinations at 12 percent and 8 percent respectively. U.S. planners predicted little change in international meeting locations, with Canada and Europe tied as lead locales at 5 percent each.

Planners Lead Procurement Process
Despite continued implementation of standardized meetings management processes and concerns about commoditization, meeting planners are still by far the most active participants in the buying process for meetings. Eighty percent of respondents said meeting planners were always or often involved in the identification and contacting of vendors, 84 percent said they were "always" or "often" involved in the evaluation and recommendation of vendors, and 78 percent said they were "always" or "often" involved in the final purchasing decision. Meanwhile, only 13 percent of respondents cited that procurement was involved in any of the three phases.

"With the move towards standardized management systems, there was a perceived risk that meeting planning would become solely a cost-based purchasing decision driven solely by procurement," said Julie Hylton, director of industry development for American Express Establishment Services. "In fact, today's data suggests that meeting planners lead the charge in identifying, evaluating and making the final decision regarding vendors. And, because the majority of respondents also indicated that procurement departments are involved at least occasionally in the process, it's important that planners establish a dialogue and a productive relationship with their procurement colleagues."

Meetings as a Strategic Function
Meetings are increasingly becoming a tool for furthering organizational objectives, with 71 percent of client-side planners indicating that meetings are recognized to a great or very great extent as a strategic function important to the growth and success of their organization. Forty-nine percent of planners said the perceived value of meetings has increased over the past year, while 62 percent predict it will grow even further in the next two to three years.

Additionally, 66 percent of meeting managers and 80 percent of directors are either being consulted when their organization is considering a meeting or are involved in driving strategy and establishing how meetings will be used to support organizational goals.

"Meeting professionals are increasingly operating beyond the logistical or tactical level and have the opportunity to strategically impact the organizations for which they work," Rorrie said. "As this strategic role emerges, it's critical that meeting professionals speak in the language of business, increase their influence and articulate the bottom-line value of meetings to all stakeholders and executive decision-makers."

Additional Key Findings
While many organizations fully outsource their meetings function to intermediaries, survey indicators show a greater percentage of intermediaries are actually working in concert with an existing meetings function. According to intermediary respondents, 42 percent of the time their main contact is within the meeting planning department, as opposed to the internal department that "owns" the meeting.

The top five internal organizational trends affecting the meetings industry are workload, organizational budget changes, shifting organizational goals, organizational growth and shorter lead times.

The top five external or environmental trends affecting the meetings industry include the state of the economy, travel costs, the rising cost of oil, changes in technology and increasing globalization.

When asked about return on investment (ROI) for meetings, respondents indicated that discussions within their organizations focused more on cost savings and efficiencies than achieving the strategic goals of a meeting. Just over one-third of respondents focus on the achievement of strategic goals when discussing ROI.

Return on Objectives (ROO) has been discussed within 61 percent of planners, 71 percent of intermediaries and 55 percent of supplier respondents. ROI and ROO discussions signal that organizations are seeking a measurement model that provides a complete picture of how meetings drive business and reflect total benefit and total expense.

For the full report, visit

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