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Rent Digital Copiers in the Los Angeles Area
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Black & White or Color

We specialize in renting copiers and fax machines throughout Southern California. Having a large inventory of equipment and service in 2-3 hours has helped us become one of the leading copier rental companies to the rental industry.

In addition to the entertainment industry, We provide rentals to rents to tradeshows, conventions, accounting, real estate, legal, construction, and government offices in the greater Los Angeles area on a short-term basis. If you need a copier, call 503-477-8972 or
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Copier Rental FAQs
Q. What type of rental agreements do you have?
A. We can tailor a rental program to meet your specific needs, from weekly to as long as you need it!

Q. Is there a minimum rental charge?
A. Yes, there is either a one week or one month minimum rental charge. If you use the copier for less than the designated plan, your cost will be for the minimum period. If you use the copier for more than the minimum rental period, your final usage will be prorated.

Q. What does your rental program include?
A. Digital copier, service, and supplies (excluding paper & staples). In addition, we provide FREE training on all copiers and fax units we rent.

Q. How many rental programs do you offer?
A. We offer two types of pricing programs.

Our first program includes a number of copies in our base rental rate. If you exceed the allotted copies, you are charged a per copy rate.

Our high volume copy program is our favorite for customers making over 40,000 copies per month. Here you pay a base charge for the copier, and all copies are charged at a very low rate. This program rewards our customer to make their copies at the lowest possible price.

Q. If we need service, how fast will your technician respond to our problem?
A. Our technician will call you immediately after receiving your service call. Thanks to digital copier technology, many times the problem can be fixed over the telephone. If we find that we need to come to your office for service, we will be there in 2-3 hours.

Q. Do you have a Service Response Guarantee?
A. Yes, we GUARANTEE to be at your office in 4 hours or less.

Q. What if my copier is completely down and I have a deadline to meet?
A. Unfortunately there are times when a copier will breakdown at the most inconvenient time. We understand there are times when you can’t wait for our technical support. We will get a replacement system at no charge.

Q. If our copy usage exceeds our copier, can we upgrade?
A. Yes.

Q. How soon can I expect my copier(s) once I've decided what I need?
A. Although there are times we can deliver the same day, we can guarantee delivery the next day.

Q. What areas do you service?
A. We primarily service Los Angeles (and the surrounding counties of Southern California) and Las Vegas. We do however have other companies throughout the United States we can put you in contact with.

We specialize in copier rentals for Tradeshows and Corporate events and can support your copier rental needs. Our certified technicians use our custom shipping crates to ensure safe transportation to and from your event. On-site support is always available!   CALL 503-477-8972

Rent laser printers in both color and black and white. Rent portable printers and inkjet printers.  Rent fax machines, multi-function machines, We stock all brand names. We have nationwide printer rental plans for corporate and business clients that start at 1 day  to as long as you need.  Hewlett Packard (HP), and Dell Laser Printers - Printer Ink, Toner, & More
Rent Computer Stands and Kiosks Nationwide
Rent Desktop and Laptop computers for computer classroom rentals, cyber-cafes, Custom Gaming Computer Kiosks, self registration stands, product information stations, online information requests at tradeshows and much more for . You can configure with PC's and Mac's, with wireless networks or  Bluetooth configuration for remote printing.

If you just need text and no graphics, high speed B&W laser printers can more than handle the job. Be sure to understand your capacity needs (is it sporadic printing or do you need a high PPM) which will affect which laser printer to rent. If you have the need for high quality color graphics, then a robust color laser printer would be right for you. We will work with you to define your requirements and to help you decide which make/model is best for you. Rent Tradeshow AV Equipment

 Computer Printers Black and white, HP Color Laser Jet

HP4050N (16M, 17PPM, 1200DPI, Pscpt, 8-1/2x11)
HP4100N (32M, 25PPM, 1200DPI, Pscpt, 8-1/2x11)
HP4200N  (32M, 33PPM, 1200DPI, Pscpt, 8-1/2x11)
HP 4250N  (64M, 45PPM, 1200DPI, Pscpt, 8-1/2x11)  
HP5000N LaserJet Printer
HP8000N (16M, 24PPM, 1200DPI, Pscpt, 8-1/2x11 & 11x17)
HP8150N LaserJet Printer
Duplex Option f/HP4050N
32M Upgrade f/HP4000/5000
Dell Printers  Dell Business Deals
Office-Jet Plain Paper Fax/Scan/Copy/Print
HP LaserJet 3150 Fax
HP LaserJet 3200 Fax

HP Color Laser Printers

HP 2500N
HP 2550N
HP 3500
HP 3600N
HP 4550N
HP 4600N

Is your return on rental (ROR) computers causing you to reduce the number of rentals or events in 2006? Before you cutback check with us on rentals, technical service and computer products.  We have the inventory and the TRAINED TECHNICAL SUPPORT PEOPLE TO LOWER YOUR COSTS. 503-477-8972   Whether you need to rent one Laptop in one city, or hundreds we have the  inventory and you can have them delivered as soon as possible, our offices throughout North America can get the equipment to you within 24-72 hours. 

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans help get your business on its feet when the weather or an unplanned disaster intervenes. The Sarbanes Oxley Act has also driven the need for public companies to implement Disaster Recovery Plans in place for the protection of their businesses.....To learn more

Computer Rentals

Rent  DualCore 1.8GHz 15.4"  Widescreen Laptop
Dual Core Desktop Computer Rentals
with 17, 20, or 24 inch LCD panels
 Rent Laptops  ThinkPad Pentium-4 3.06
(512M, 40G, CD-RW/DVD65K)
Computer Equipment Rentals Rent Computer Stands and Kiosks Nationwide
Rent Laptops & use GOTOMYPC get your office files while away from your computer

use this with a vhs turner and the disply is a tv

42 Inch NEC With 1024 x 768 XGA resolution, Advanced AccuBlend Technology and a 3-2 pull down converter ensure the best possible brightness, contrast, color and image quality from any source. Realistic color reproduction via NEC's exclusive Capsulated Color Filter Technology is now enhanced by AccuCrimson, a filtration technology that produces the purest shade of red yet possible in a plasma display. VGA to UXGA in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios Dimensions 40.1"x 24"x3.5"
50 inch, 50 inch 1080P, 61 inch Plasma displays for rent

NEW 20 inch, 23 inch, 24 inch  26 inch, 30 inch, 32 inch, and 40 inch LCD HDTV display rentals.
What is Flat Screen Plasma Technology?   
With flat panel plasma screens, in addition to bright, crisp images, there are other advantages. Unlike projection screens, which are designed to concentrate reflection to a narrow viewing area for brightness, plasma screens permit an exceptionally broad viewing angle -- over 160 degrees...MORE about the technology.  More about Plasma Display Manufactures and links to their home pages here
 Plasma Mfg. Information      Compare Flat Screen Plasma Monitors   Buy Displays

  • 1280 x 768 resolution allows for crisp text and precise images
  • Virtually eliminates the potential for permanent image burn-in, contributing to optimal screen performance and longer monitor life
  • XtraView® technology allows for wide-angle viewing
  • PC and video
  • Detachable speakers deliver an enhanced multimedia experience with amazing sound quality
  • On Screen Manager (OSM®) puts you in complete control of display setting adjustments

 The Great Technology War: LCD vs. DLP If you are new to the world of digital projectors, you won't have to shop around the market very long before discovering that "LCD" and "DLP" somehow refers to two different kinds of projectors. You might not even know what LCD and DLP are before asking the obvious question "which one is better?"
Want a really BIG SCREEN...then use a LCD/DLP projector and connect your computer or even an VHS player/recorder (used as a TV tuner) and project pictures or presentations up to 15 feet by 20 feet.  (can go larger)
Projector Models for rent. 2000 to 12,000 lumen projectors, 10k 1080P

Plasma TV Displays, LCD Projectors, AV Equipment, Laptop, and Desktop Computer Rental Solutions
Nationwide  Call 866 858 1174        

If you are a multi-show exhibitor, we can offer you a national account agreement that will provide one competitive rate for equipment rentals and consistent service for all of your events nationwide. This enables you to know your costs and budget for your entire show schedule. We supply on-site IT & A/V technical services to support your events or presentations anywhere you go in the U.S., thus eliminating the logistical problems that result from having multiple contractors

Our services don’t end once your rental equipment is delivered and installed. We understand that managing IT equipment means more than just "procurement". That is why we offer exceptional technical support and services. In addition to 24/7 support, our experienced technicians will work with you from installation until final completion of the project. Call 503-477-8972 or for prices

Compare Flat Screen Plasma Monitors

Plasma & Flat Screen TV Buying Tips

courtroom technology equipment rentals

Advanced Display Technology for a Riveting Viewing Experience

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