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                                                      American Diabetes Services
American Diabetes Services provides low cost and free diabetic supplies to diabetics who qualify through their medical insurance plans. As the nation's leading diabetic supply company, we are a Medicare provider and work with most major medical insurance plans. Additionally, American Diabetes Services accepts assignment on Medicare and private insurance claims.
                                                               Diabetes Resources
American Diabetes Services is proud to offer diabetes resources with more information on diabetes including diagnosing diabetes, tips on using glucose meters and testing supplies, alternative painless testing, and the new technology that assists diabetics with managing their diabetes. Additionally, we offer resources for living with diabetes with valuable information on exercising, nutrition and menu planning.

Diabetic Supplies:
Product Information

American Diabetes Services, the nation's leading provider for low cost diabetic supplies, offers everything diabetics need to manage their diabetes. Products listed on our website are a small sampling of the diabetic testing meters, insulin test strips and other diabetic products offered through our mail-order service.

Attention Diabetics: Medicare and many private insurance companies will pay for your diabetic supplies. Please fill out our form to find out of you're eligible for totally free diabetic supplies.

If you have medicare, you may
for free diabetes supplies

Here are some of the diabetic testing supplies offered through our mail-order service:

Insulin Syringes
American Diabetes Services offers a broad range of insulin syringes for diabetics. We carry the most popular brands, including BD, Monoject, UltiCare, UniFine, NovoFine and UltiGuard.

Our diabetic supply company offers the insulin you need, in the delivery device that you need it. Whether you're using insulin syringes, insulin pumps, or insulin pens, American Diabetes Services can fill your insulin prescription.

Insulin Pumps
American Diabetes Services supplies insulin pumps from the leading pump manufacturers including Animas, Deltec, and Medtronic. Additionally, our diabetic supply company offers matching pump accessories to go with these insulin pumps.
Diabetic Testing Meters
Our diabetic supply company offers diabetic testing meters for blood sugar testing. American Diabetes Services carries most popular diabetic testing meters including Accu-Chek Compact, Ascensia Elite, Abbott FreeStyle, OneTouch Ultra, Prestige, OneTouch Basic, Ascensia Breeze, OneTouch FastTake, Abbott Flash and Ascensia Contour.

Insulin Test Strips
American Diabetes Services carries insulin test strips that correspond with their diabetic testing meters. Find out the different advantages that Accu-Chek Compact, Ascensia Elite, Abbott FreeStyle, OneTouch Ultra, Prestige, OneTouch Basic, Ascensia Breeze, OneTouch FastTake, Abbott Flash and Ascensia Contour test strips have to offer.

Glucose Control Solutions
Make sure your diabetes testing meters and insulin test strips are working correctly with glucose control solutions. American Diabetes Services can help you choose the right control solution for you.

Alcohol Swabs
American Diabetes Services explains how this every day household item is important to your diabetic care. Get more information on keeping the injection site clean.

Erection Vacuum Therapy
Our diabetic supply company supplies the Revive System for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Find out how erection vacuum therapy is a drug-free, safe & effective solution to diabetic impotence.

As you can see, American Diabetes Services carries all the diabetic testing meters, insulin test strips and diabetic products you need. Because our diabetic supply company handles your insurance claims, ordering your diabetic supplies is hassle-free and in some cases even free

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Get Free Diabetic Supplies.

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