Advanced Display Technology for a Riveting Viewing Experience
136 Inch Large Screen Displays

Whether you are an exhibitor looking for a way to present your content in an unforgettable way or an event producer looking for a way to increase your return on your investment we have the right application for you.

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Introducing the New Vista 100 LCD Platform
136 inch 1 piece LCD 720p Display

If you need a large video display to play your video or computer content, we can help. Our 136 vista provides bright, sharp images even under high ambient light. It features a seamless 56.8 square feet rigid video screen (11.4 feet diagonal). Unlike “video-walls” made by joining plasma or LCD displays, There is no frames or seams to get in the way of your content.  Our 136 vista is fully enclosed and has a powerful sound system within.


Fully enclosed rear projection with custom ambient light resistant rigid acrylic screen.
Screen dimensions: 136.7” diagonal (11.4 ft), 117.8” (9.8 ft) long, 69.5” (5.8 ft) high.
Overall dimensions: 120” (10 ft) tall, 124” (10.3 ft) long, 64” (5.3 ft) deep.
Media compatibility: Compatible with all computer and video content.
Native resolution: 1280 by 768 pixels. Accepts inputs up to 1600 by 1400 pixels.
Aspect ratio: 15:9 with multiple options to play 4:3 content.
Inputs: DVI-D, RGB, BNC, S-Video, Component.
Sound: 175 watts continuos power.
Shipping: Single crate 1950 lb.
Set Up Time: 1 hr
Power Requirements: Less than 10 Amps, 110 volt single phase.
Duty Cycle: Up to 23 hrs per day.
136 inch Vista video Wall

Seamless image due to monoblock screen.
Uniform picture due to single video engine.
Easier to set-up: Reduces set-up costs.
Greener: Requires less power to operate.
Constructed of recyclable materials. (>90%)
LCD Video Wall

Distracting fragmented image due to bezel thickness is a big problem with LCD video walls. Color balancing is usually a problem as well which creates a picture with non-uniform brightness and luminance across the video wall.
Plasma Video Wall

Often it is very difficult to color balance individual tiles to achieve uniform brightness and luminance. Delicate and specialized (and hence expensive) installation is another issue since each tile has an unprotected glass edge extending to the edges of the plasma tiles. High power consumption.
Be the Video Wall King at your next Tradeshow
Revolutionary  Audio Video Booth Display System

Now you have a new platform to communicate your event information to your attendees and to increase your event revenue through the paid advertisements of your exhibitors.

Exhibitors can have a larger display to introduce new products, brands and company information.

This new platform is a turnkey system, it includes our VISTA 100, a 136 inch diagonal screen for your important information at tradeshows and special events. Vista display and the entire suite of services can be used for a complete advertisement concept.

Aspect ratio is 15:9. Diagonal screen size 136". Active display area. Inputs are DVI, Analog DIN-15, component video. Wireless network capable with PCMCI card. Sound: built-in 2 X 100 watts RMS. Picture engine is a single wheel DLP. Vista is about 46" deep. Enclosure color is black.

Can be set at different eye levels. For clients sitting, standing or viewing from a distance. (3.5 feet to about 12 feet in height).

Vista will be the smallest display in our projection based line up after WideEmotion and HiperPlex. It is targeted to those customers for whom Wide Emotion and HiperPlex is either too large or too expensive. Vista is designed for strictly indoor use. Works well even with plenty of ambient light.

Before the Show
Registration information
Rules and regulations and schedule for move in
Badge pick up locations and hours
Welcome message from the chairperson

During the Show
Key notes address information such as keynote topic, place and time
Background information about speakers and general outline of their presentations
Announcements of training sessions, pre-conferences and conferences
Agenda of sessions
Special events and activities
Thank you note to your sponsors

Information about on-site food services
Announcements about your publicity and media centers, parking facilities, security, on-site special needs facilities
Location maps
Your show statistics highlighting the number of exhibitors, number of training sessions, number of attendees
Membership related information for associations and benefits and privileges that come with a membership
Exhibitor list and descriptions with booth numbers
Expo hours
Hotel shuttle boarding locations
Shuttle bus service hours
Activity announcements such as mixer tours, spouse registration locations
A description of technology pavilions with their locations and hours
Announcements of guided expo floor tours
Exhibit floor plan
Call for nominations and proposals for the next year’s meeting.

Exhibitors' Messages:

New product introductions
Product give away announcements
Product and service feature advertisements
Company brand collateral
Hospitality suite information
Sponsorship announcements
Booth staff introductions


Be the Video Wall King at your next Tradeshow
Revolutionary  Audio Video Booth Display System


18 ft. Wide HD Screen

Tall Screen

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If you are a multi-show exhibitor, we can offer you a national account agreement that will provide one competitive rate for equipment rentals and consistent service for all of your events nationwide. This enables you to know your costs and budget for your entire show schedule. We supply on-site IT & A/V technical services to support your events or presentations anywhere you go in the U.S., thus eliminating the logistical problems that result from having multiple contractors

Our services don’t end once your rental equipment is delivered and installed. We understand that managing IT equipment means more than just "procurement". That is why we offer exceptional technical support and services. In addition to 24/7 support, our experienced technicians will work with you from installation until final completion of the project. Call 866-858-1174 or for prices