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Over the past twenty-five years the reasons and applications for "Speaker Ready Room" or "Green Room" have evolved. Most of the evolution has been driven by changes in the media use for presentations.

In the past (when we were using 35 mm slide projectors, overhead projectors, 16 mm film, and the like) the speaker ready rooms were a location where the presenters could preload their slides in trays and preview them to check that all of the slides were loaded correctly. The ready room also served to allow the presenters to meet and discuss their presentations while partaking of snacks and beverages, or simply a place to relax before they went to their meeting rooms.

Today, with the advent of  LCD and DLP projectors, presenters are required to give presentations of material they prepared on computers using software such as Microsoft's PowerPoint. Often these presentations are given directly from the presenters' laptop, equally often the presenter is required to preload their presentation on a "standard" rented laptop provided by the host of the meetings. (You can now carry your presentation on a small USB flash drive ) In either case it is advisable to set up a place were the presenter can rehearse and edit their presentations. This also allows the presenter to test their laptop on the type of projector used in the meeting room, or conversely to test their presentation on a "standard" laptop. In both cases this is an excellent idea. If the presenters' laptop is unable to connect to the projector, for some reason, steps can be taken before the time for the presenter to start his meeting. Likewise, if the presentation does not run properly on the "standard" laptop (because of software version, missing fonts, or similar problems) the issue can be addressed.

It is also equally important to have a central location where the speakers can meet with someone who is familiar with Audio Visual and the equipment provided in each room to assure that the speaker's designated meeting room has the proper equipment to fill the speaker's needs. For example, where the speaker may have specified that he would be showing a video tape, he may not have correctly identified the format and type. The differences between NTSC and PAL are very important. Likewise VHS verses Sony Betacam tapes is important to note. Having a technician provided by the A/V vendor who is informed as to what equipment is in each room and who is able to distinguish between the types and formats of media can prevent some very painful train wrecks.

It is also helpful if there is a qualified person on hand who can create and edit PowerPoint. Very often presenters find reason to edit or recreate their presentations at the very last minute. Especially with medical meetings, where the slides can be highly complex, editing can be very challenging to someone who is not highly qualified at editing. Additionally a good PowerPoint editor can help out when a presenter shows up with a very raw or poorly created presentation.

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Meetings or small gatherings that require Audio-Visual equipment to help articulate the message of the speaker. We are there to help you with equipment and service.

Large scale events will require Audio-Visual equipment, project management for increased  support. To entertain and support a theme event we can provide set designs, even for a larger keynote meeting. The most common Corporate Event could be national sales meetings, new product launches, corporate stockholder meetings.

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We are a full service audio, visual, video, lighting, staging, and computer rental company.  Serving clients nationally, we offer one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry for small businesses events, conventions, tradeshows, expositions, event planners, training seminars, and live entertainment shows. With the latest in technology from leading manufacturers, we ensure your event will be a total success. 
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Your audience may be your customers, your sales force, the press, industry analysts, financial analysts or your own executive team.

We can create your dynamic and exciting events that deliver your content and exceed your audience’s expectations.  Meeting Equipment Rentals

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Let us help you plan, organize, and execute a professional presentation for your next meeting/event. We can assist your event planners in managing, organizing and delivering  Meeting Equipment  technology needs to help ensure your successful presentation or event.

We offer assistance with sets, lighting and Audio Video presentation equipment in planning meetings and events, small or large. We can design and deliver custom solutions based on your needs. We offer brand name equipment including computer laptops, desktops, LCD projectors, screens, large plasma monitors, mobile LED video wall systems, and audiovisual setups.

We can help any business, for any size event. Our solutions range from a single projector and sound system to more sophisticated solutions such as staging, drapery and large sound systems for events as large as 5000+ people.

Whether you need us to work with your team or handle every detail from top to bottom, we have the experience and resources to present your goals.

We stock large audio mixing boards (for multi microphone and other sound sources like videos and DVDs) and can assemble sound systems to produce high quality sound for large groups. Additionally our sophisticated video mixing boards (
Folsom ScreenPro) allow us to seamlessly merge multiple video signals, like computer video output, DVD and VHS tapes.

We offer nationwide services throughout major cities and can easily configure and deliver the right solution for you.

We specialize in designing custom solutions for major corporate events, such as national and dealer sales meetings, convention and conference presentations.

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Computer Kiosk Rental

With a sleek and lightweight design, this Computer Stand is ideal for multipliable registration computer kiosk stations, Game Computer Kiosk contest stations, cyber-cafes for email, self registration stands, product information stations, online information requests at tradeshows and much more. You can configure with PC's or Mac's, wireless network and Bluetooth configurations for remote printing.

Computer Kiosks come with: Mac powerbook or Pentium 4 class Computers with 17 or 20 inch screen & keyboard, CD-Rom drive, sound, Windows XP pro, Office XP and full Internet connectivity

We can fully accommodate your needs in Registration, Tradeshow Offices, Training Labs, Exhibits, Cyber Cafés and Messaging Centers.

Our unparalleled service and support makes us the best choice every time.

We have highly trained technicians and experienced show coordinators on site during the convention.

When working with us, you can be assured that your computers and peripherals will be delivered Clean, Working and On Time. 

With brand names you can trust like Compaq, Dell, IBM, NEC, Apple, and Hewlett Packard.

We have successfully supported Conventions and Trade Shows for over 20 years.

You get all this with outstanding Service, Trained Support Personal, and Competitive Pricing.

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