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The truth is, a light is just a light. It's the service that makes some lights out-shine the rest. And service is what we pride ourselves on.  Our industry veterans maintain the brands in demand for lighting units, dimmers, control systems, moving lights, and associated rigging.

Rent The Optosplitter an optically-isolated amplified splitter

Rent Hog 1000 Light Controller

Rent Starmaze  Laser Projector

Rent The Optosplitter or Optisplitter an optically-isolated amplified splitter

Rent LED Par 64
Rent LED Color Blast Fixtures

Black Pipe and Drape - includes hardware (priced per ft) lighting
Tomcat 12X12X8 Box Truss
Tomcat 20X20X10 Box Truss
Trooperette Follow Spotlight
Par 64 Specials
Martin Moving Lights  Intelligent Lights
Rent Hog 1000 Light Controller
Leprecon lighting board
Par 64 Specials
Source 4 Ellipsoidals 19degree 26 degree
Dimmer Packs 24 Dimmer rack
Lighting Controller - 12 Channel
Ultimate Light Stands (8 lights max.) w/50 pound base
Standing Oak Lectern
RTS Base Station w/ Headset
Additional Headset
Language Interpretation System -2 headsets
Additional Interpretation Headsets
Staging (Please call for sizes) Sets

  Rent Tradeshow AV Equipment  Call 866-858-1174 for information

Products & services

Intelligent Lighting: Martin Macs (including tons of 2K's and 550's),VariLites, Coemar Cycs, Studio Spots, Studio Colors, Intellabeams, Cyberlights, Trackspots
Truss: 8' Double-Hung PreRig, Heavy Duty Truss, Genie Towers, Slings, Shackles Various Lifts and stands
Dimming and Control: We have literally thousands of channels of State of the Art Dimming and Control equipment including the new Jands VISTA, full line ETC, Grand MA's, Whole Hogs Versions 2 and 3, CAE, MA Scan Commander, and more..
Specials: Include a variety of the latest LED Fixtures, scrollers and color changers, A huge selection of Rosco, High End Systems, LeMaitre, and City Theatrical fog machines to create a variety of smoke effects - from low lying “graveyard” fog to a misty haze. Bubble machines, Mirror balls and Rope Lights and Chaser controls for your party or event needs.
Follow Spots: Feature Strong Xenon Super Trouper, Lycian Super Arc long and short throw units, Lycian Starklite 1271 (with short medium and long throw lenses), Lots of Lycian Super Club Spots and 1275's, Altman Comets and 1000Q’s.
Miscellaneous Stuff: We have Headsets, miles and miles of load and multi cable as well as gobs of heavy duty line side distribution equipment and cables.
Lighting and Grip for Film, TV and Still: Prepackaged Kits, HMI Pars in 1200 and 2500 watt configuration, stands, Fresnels, Open Face Broads,
And Of Course: All the Ellipsoidals, Source Fours, Fresnels, Border lights, Scoops, Pars you need - complete with all the hanging hardware you require.
We have avariety of standard lighting, video and audio packages to suit a variety of applications.

We offer stage & stage lighting rentals, & production services. We specialize in entertainment services for concerts, theatre, special events, corporate meetings and much more. Our inventory includes stage lighting fixtures, intelligent lighting, lasers, special effects, follow spots, searchlights, power distribution systems, generators, cable packages, dimmer racks, control consoles, chain motors & rigging equipment, truss, tents, curtains & drape, portable staging risers & platforms. In addition we offer lighting & set design. Technical production assistance, installation, strike and operational crews.

Products & services
We have stage & stage lighting rentals,& Service
Blinders, barn doors, barricades, cable, c-clamps, chain motors, custom gobos, dmx cables, feeder cable, fog machines, fog fluid, fog juice, gobos, hazers & hazer fluid, load centers, led lighting, led fixtures, mirror balls, motor controls, moving lights, multi cables, par cans, racks, rigging, rope light, risers, rolling risers, shackles, spansets, round slings, strobe lights, touring supplies, trick line, black lights, wire rope, xenon lamps, xlr connectors, dmx connectors, dimmers, portable stages,
We have for sale or rental equipment from
AC power, altman, antari, apollo gobo, arri, avolites, cam-lok, citc, clay paky, clearcom, CM, coemar, colortran, diversitronics, etc, gam gel, ge, genie towers, high end systems, hes, hubble, James thopmas, jands, kupo, L & e, le maitre safety, light source, mega claw, lycian follow spots, neutric, omnisistems, osram, permacel, phillips, pixil line, pro tape, procell, proplex, pulsar, reelfx, robe show lighting, rosco, socapex, strand, stage right, Strong, Thomas truss, tomcat truss, ushio, wildfire, wybron, yellow jacket, zero 88,
Hes, highend, high end systems, hog 3, hog 2, hog IPC, cyberlights, intellabeams, dataflash, avolites pearl, robe show lighting, gaff tape, nsi consoles & dimmers, lycian followspot, skytracker search lights, etc sensor dimmers, source 4 pars, source 4 lekos, audience blinders, 4 light, 8 light, par 64, par 56, par 46, par 38, par 36, par 20 par 16, sand bags,



Stage and Set
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PC Computer


Computer Kiosk





There's more to rigging than wire rope and shackles! Safety requires that riggers thoroughly understand both equipment and the engineering principles. Relying on intuition for rigging is foolish and risky. To save lives, reduce liability, and comply with OSHA, riggers must be trained, knowledgeable, and competent. Safe rigging is not guesswork.  Rigging Seminars

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