Polycom Video Conferencing systems to support your meetings.

Video Conferencing is the fastest, most effective means of electronic communication available. Polycom ViewStation FX rentals

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The next generations in meetings

Now rent Polycom Video Conferencing systems to support your meetings. Our technical support staff can setup and operate the system to ensure your meeting is a success. 

Video Conferencing is the fastest, most effective means of electronic communication available. As broadband, ISDN and DSL telecommunications emerges in the Business 2 Business market place, Video Conferencing is the best and least expensive to have meetings around the world., Conferencing can now be communicated at up to 30 Frames Per Second, giving ‘near TV’ picture quality. Real time data sharing can also be communicated during a conference, with up to 4 sites involved in a meeting.

Polycom units are compatible with nearly all Video Conferencing systems. Installation and usage of the units are now simply ‘Plug ‘n Play’. Reduce your Travel Costs, Overnight Expenses and downtime while your people are in transit and choose Video Conferencing as a faster more efficient means of arranging important meetings.

Reducing the high cost of travel  for company meetings, sales calls and job interviews can yield substantial savings.

Videoconferencing has enabled companies to cut travel spending by 35 percent after it compared the three months before and the three months after its introduction, said Mike Ayres, an EasyNet business development director.

With oil prices hitting an all-time high of $146.91 per barrel in July, we have been hearing customers talk more in recent weeks about using video conferencing to avoid travel.  They have serviced companies around the world since 2003.  They have serviced clients in all sectors including Trump, Burger King, Coca-Cola, AT&T, the US Navy and many more.

As part of an effort to cut travel costs by 10 percent, staffing services company Manpower Inc has ramped up use of its videoconference equipment in the last couple of months, said Allan McKisson, a vice president of human resources at Manpower.

Accounting firm Deloitte LLP, which has bought Polycom's high-end product, has found that the quality of the latest systems induces employees to actually use them, said Larry Quinlan, the firm's chief information officer.

"People say it's lifelike; it's almost like being there," he said. "The clarity of the high-definition image is like watching football at home."

(Reporting by Helen Chernikoff, editing by Gerald E. McCormick)

Features  Documentation  ViewStation FX

  • ViewStation is the most popular and widely deployed group videoconferencing platform in the world
  • Supports four independent monitors plus a projector
  • Bandwidth: 2 Mbps IP / 2 Mbps or 512 kbps ISDN
  • Mixed network multiple site conferences
  • IP, ISDN and analog telephone interfaces
  • Add PC audio and XGA content to meeting
  • See live PC presentations and presenter simultaneously
  • Embedded multicast streaming to the web
  • V.35, RS-530, RS-449 and RS-366 interfaces
  • Supports second Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera
  • Independently tested security
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  • The ViewStation FX set top video system provides TV-quality video for the most demanding video communications needs. Embedded streaming capabilities let you capture and send meetings, presentations or broadcasts to anyone equipped with a Web browser. Polycom's unmatched full duplex sound and tracking technology make video meetings effortless, natural, and push-button-easy. Audio flexibility and custom application support are extensive.

    Video Quality ViewStation has a tremendous amount of power. Polycom uses that power in two ways for video. At high bandwidths (512 kbps up to 1.922Mbps), it delivers TV quality, 60 fields video, for an outstanding video image and complete motion capture! The secret is capturing both fields, which comprise a frame. (For NTSC, there are 30 frames per second). By capturing both fields, the resolution is greatly heightened and the motion is captured much more accurately. The resulting image is amazingly brilliant.

    The second benefit of the increased horsepower is the increased utilization of ITU defined Annexes that are the compression tips and tricks used to optimize the limited bandwidth for delivering the best possible picture possible. At Polycom, we emphasize picture quality above all other aspects of video. We also realize the importance of smooth motion handling. Because we are not willing to comprise on either, we cannot sacrifice the overall quality of the picture to deliver 30 frames per second at lower bandwidths than 336 kbps.

    Audio Quality

    The audio performance of a video communication is critical to the user's perception of a good videoconference. If the audio signal breaks up, or becomes out of sync with the speaker's lips, the videoconference is not contributing to clarity of communication.

    Polycom supports numerous algorithms ranging in capability from G.711, (low bandwidth (7 kHz) and high bit rate (48, 56, 64 kbps)), to G.722, (high bandwidth (7 kHz) and high bit rate (48, 56, 64). The ability to automatically adjust the quality of audio is important when supporting low bandwidth calls. When more bandwidth is available, the codec wants to use more bandwidth to get better audio.


    Streaming is the process of sending audio and video over a local area network (LAN) from one source to many viewers. You can use streaming to conduct live broadcasts of meetings or events.

    For example, employees can view a live speech from your company's CEO. The ViewStation FX and VS4000 allow on-the-fly streaming capability! It's as easy to turn on as placing an audio call while in a videoconference.

    Documentation  ViewStation FX

    ViewStation EX / FX / VS4000 Version 6.0.5 


    By providing the highest quality video, enhanced audio and several industry-specific features, we offer a more efficient way to enable greater communication, while decreasing travel time, security risks and inmate transportation costs for the judicial system.

    Increasing courtroom and transportation costs and greater emphasis on security have caused professionals in the judicial system to seek low cost alternatives.  Video conferencing eases current financial pressure and allows for unlimited new applications such as video-enabled courtroom appearances for inmates and witnesses, psychiatric evaluations, rehabilitative distance learning, meetings between inmates and legal counsel, remote expert witness testimony, video arraignments and parole board hearings.”

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