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Send Picture And Info to Report Thefts

If you had equipment stolen or has turned up missing after a convention, expo, or tradeshow post it here....

Report Stolen Computers,
LCD Monitors, LCD Projectors, Stolen
Plasma Monitors and more:

Protect yourself from being accused of buying stolen Computers, Plasma monitors, LCD Monitors, LCD projectors and more.
Check our listing or your local police department.

Missing 1/5/05 Hitachi 37 Inch Plasma Monitor 3:4 format call 909.622.3306 x121

Sony 1024 hd scan converter lost 12/6/05
909.622.3306 x121

12/14/06...ARLINGTON, Texas -- Investigators are trying to track down thieves who broke into an Arlington church and stole thousands of dollars worth of audio and visual equipment.

Police said the criminals broke in through a back window at the All Nations Baptist Church at Collins Street and Pioneer Parkway.

CBS13) SACRAMENTO Burglars broke into a local church taking off with its musical instruments.
The 250 members who use the church were really looking forward to Palm Sunday service. The program was all printed up. The criminals who struck the church may have targeted another church nearby.

They're starting holy week on a sour note as they try replacing musical instruments worth thousands of dollars, that were stolen from their church

"The main keyboard the piano keyboard was taken, the drum set was taken. The complete thing," said Jeff Nelson, Arden Christian Church.

"How they got back there they evidently used a crowbar or something," said Jo Wenish, Arden Christian Church.

She says the crooks didn't just steal from the sanctuary.

"The keys to the audio visual room were here and they obviously used the key," said Jo.

They entered almost every office of the 52-year-old church emptying out draws and cupboards

"This is how they got into the Church of God, obviously," said Jo.

She has lots of photographs of Thursday night's burglary she's sharing with fellow church members. Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputies say there was another church burglary on the same night less than two miles away. No word on what was taken or if the same crooks are responsible.

Members of Arden Christian Center have been spending the day preparing for Palm Sunday.. Renting and hiring equipment.

"The main mixing board we don't have any sound in here which is why we rented something for tomorrow," said Jeff.

And even now, with so much loss they're trying to be grateful.

"If they had damaged the organ that would be trouble but hey didn't," said John Riggs. "They didn't vandalize the facility they just took the stuff."

Deputies believe at least two or three crooks were involved in the crime and it would have taken a couple of hours to load up equipment. If you saw anything suspicious, give them a call. Church members are now desperately trying to buy or rent cheap musical instruments
. Home Solutions

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LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention

AMBER Alert Postage Stamp
"AMBER Alert is a proven success and has helped rescue more than 230 children nationwide. More than 85 percent of those recoveries have occurred since AMBER Alert became a nationally coordinated effort in 2002."

Act immediately if you believe that your child is missing.

  • After you have reported your child missing to law enforcement, call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children on our toll-free telephone number, 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678). If your computer is equipped with a microphone and speakers you may talk to one of our Hotline operators via the Internet




WipeDrive-Completely wipe your hard drive

Key Benefits

  • Serial Number   and Pictures
  • Date Stolen (make a police report for your protection)
  • Information about what was stolen

Report Any Information To the Police First

First you must call your local police. Then get pictures of what was taken and any ID numbers or marks that will help identify your property.  Just email to Report Thefts pictures in jpg. or gif. format, with your name, telephone number,  email address and if you are offering a reward. We will then post it here and spread the word. (If you do not have access to a scanner then  send us in the mail your photos to the address at the bottom of the page).

If someone tries to sell you stolen firearm or weapon, call the police first then email us and  we will put the owner in touch with you. Use the Red Hot Line to the left.  Some reports offer a reward.



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